Tooth fillings in Leederville

Repairing your tooth so it can stay happier and healthier for longer.

We want you to keep your teeth – and take good care of them by practising good oral hygiene and avoiding sugar. But if tooth decay and cavities appear, they need to be identified ASAP, and your teeth must be repaired with the appropriate tooth filling.  Sometimes, you may need a filling because you have chipped or fractured your tooth due to trauma. Once again, a filling will help restore your tooth to normal form and function.

Dentist inspects patient before tooth filling

How do I know if I need a tooth/dental filling?

“You may not know if you need a filling; that’s why it’s important to have regular preventative dental check-ups.”

Often, people don’t know that they need a filling which is why it’s important to stick to your regular, six-monthly preventative dental check-ups at our Leederville dental clinic.

Sometimes, you might experience symptoms related to tooth decay, such as:

  • toothache or pain, or pain near your tooth
  • sensitive teeth – that are sensitive to hot, cold or sweet foods
  • you can see or feel a hole in your tooth
  • pressure felt on the tooth
  • your dental floss gets caught on part of your tooth
This dental information has been medically reviewed by Australian dental surgeon Dr Aran Moorthy, BDS. Dr Moorthy has a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide. Read more about Dr Moorthy here >

Why do I need a dental filling?

A filling will help to restore your damaged teeth to their normal shape and function. There are different types of fillings used, depending on the extent of damage, the position of the tooth and sometimes personal preference. Common materials used for dental fillings include composite resin, ceramic and gold fillings. In the past, we used mercury amalgams; however, these are seldom used these days for various reasons.

What does a tooth filling cost?

Tooth filling costs vary, depending on how deep the cavity is and the material used to fill your decayed tooth.

  • Composite resin fillings range from $175-$339 depending on location and size of the filling and generally take 30-45 mins.
  • Porcelain fillings range from $805-$1800 depending on size and location. They taken approx 90 mins-120 mins.
  • Replacement fillings cost the same as a new filling. Composite resin will last approx 3-5 yrs and porcelain 10-15 yrs.

If you have private health insurance, it’s likely you will get money back. Please check with your health insurance fund, or if you are visiting our clinic, we can give you your tooth filling price, and swipe your card and find out the exact out-of-pocket expense for you on the spot.

How long does a tooth filling take?

A tooth filling procedure is fairly quick and painless. Usually, you’ll be in an hour in less than an hour. However, times vary between 30 mins to 2 hours.

Your procedure at Oxford Street Dental

Oxford Street Dental-HallwayMost of us will have a filling or two at some stage in our life, and the procedure is pretty straightforward. However, remember that prevention is better than cure.

Before we place your filling, we’ll numb the tooth using local anaesthetic injected into the gum and the area around the tooth. You’ll feel a tiny pinprick, but nothing else. When your tooth is totally numb, we’ll clean the area of debris and bacteria so that the tooth will not become infected once it’s sealed.

Next, we’ll place the filling, and the process may be slightly different depending on whether it is composite bonding, gold or ceramic.

After your appointment, you are free to return to your normal activities; however, your dentist may not want you to eat anything for the next couple of hours. Depending on the size of the filling, you may have some sensitivity, which should usually pass within 24 hours.

Types of fillings

Composite resin


  • natural-looking
  • require less drilling
  • can help bond weak or fragile teeth


  • can take longer to place
  • may not last as long as some alternatives

Ceramic (porcelain) fillings


  • extremely natural-looking
  • highly durable
  • mercury-free, non-toxic


  • the most expensive type of filling
  • requires up to 2 appointments to place
  • may cause problems with opposite teeth

Gold fillings


  • long-lasting
  • don’t corrode
  • strong – can withstand chewing pressure
  • aesthetic appearance – for some individuals, they like this distinctive look


  • the most expensive type of filling
  • requires up to 2 appointments to place
  • may cause problems with opposite teeth

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