Dental Clean & Scale and examination

Pay no gap for Dental Check-up/X-ray/Scale/Clean if you have health insurance!

Got private health insurance? Don’t pay a cent for exam, scale, clean and x-rays. Simply swipe your dental health insurance card and you’re done.

No health insurance? No problem! Pay no more that $199 for exam, scale, clean, x-ray and fluoride! (Value: $350)


  • Treatment will only be administered at the discretion of one of our dental professionals
  • Offer available only with certain dentists at Oxford Street Dental
  • Dental clean performed by our hygienist

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Teeth Whitening Special_Oxford Street Dental

Teeth Whitening Special

$499 (or less with health insurance)!

Usually $749.00.


  • No private health insurance? $499
  • Got private health insurance? Pay less, or even nothing.*

(Rebate values vary depending on various factors. For example, your private health insurance fund, your length of time with the fund and your level of cover.)


  • All whitening patients must have received a check-up and clean at Oxford Street Dental within the last 6 months
  • If you’ve not had a checkup and clean with us in the last six months, we can organise an appointment with our dental hygienist before proceeding. (And if you have private health insurance, this won’t cost you a cent).
  • Whitening treatments may only proceed subject to the oral fitness of the patient as determined by our dental professionals.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal_Discount Special_Oxford Street Dental

Wisdom Teeth Removal Offer: New price $2500

Getting our wisdom teeth removed is something we all wish we could avoid, unfortunately as we grow, wisdom teeth (aka third molars) become more present in our lives and can, at times, cause distress.

What to expect:

  • Consultation/Examination from Dr Ashley Foo
  • Assessment of your case
  • Explanation of pros/cons of procedure
  • Sedation options and quote


  • Treatment will only be administered at the discretion of our dental professional.
  • Dr Ahley Foo will assess and explain best approach based on each case.
  • Consultation/Examination-with private health fund – GAP FREE. no health fund- $150(which if proceeding will be deducted from total)
  • Sedation costing is subject to case-by-case assessment.

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