CEREC Crowns

Same-day CEREC Crowns (From just $1299)

Get a beautiful new dental crown in just one day!

  • No more temporary crowns
  • No more repeat appointments
  • No more wasted time!

Using digital imaging, 3-D modelling and precision machinery, same-day CEREC crowns makes restoring your teeth faster – and so much easier. BOOK NOW!

Here’s what happens:

  1. We’ll take a digital impression of your teeth with our CEREC machine
  2. Your restoration will be designed using CAD technology
  3. Your crown or restoration will be printed and milled, then fitted onto your tooth

Dental crowns and restorations are used for:

  • Cosmetic repair – for stained or cracked teeth
  • After root canal – for protection and to prevent further infection
  • Support – giving strength to a damaged tooth or tooth with a large filling
  • Dental implants – a crown could be modelled as an artificial tooth, with the implant patent as the artificial root
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Dental Clean & Scale and examination

Got health insurance? Pay No Gap for Exam, Scale & Clean and X-rays!*

Great news for new patients with private health insurance! Right now, if you have private health insurance with HBF, Medibank, HCF or Westfund you can enjoy not paying a cent for exam, scale, clean and x-rays. So book in today and pay no gap. *NEW patients only.

No health insurance? No problem! Pay no more that $199 for exam, scale, clean & x-ray!


  • Treatment will only be administered at the discretion of one ofour dental professionals.

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