Same-Day CEREC Crowns – available in Leederville!

Dr Aran Moorthy

Dr Aran Moorthy

This article was written by Australian dental surgeon Dr Aran Moorthy, BDS. Dr Moorthy has a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide. You can read more about Dr Moorthy here >

CEREC Crowns

Great news! We now have a 3-D CEREC machine in our Leederville dental clinic.

Same-day crowns make life a whole lot easier for everyone: say goodbye to annoying impression materials, time-sapping appointments or having to wear a temporary crown.

With the CEREC machine, one appointment is all it takes!

CEREC Milling Machine for Same Day Crowns

What is a CEREC machine?

A CEREC machine uses breakthrough 3-D technology to scan and create perfectly fitting dental crowns here in our office in just one appointment!

Not only is the procedure quicker than preparing for a conventional crown, but it’s also far less invasive. There are no more uncomfortable, lengthy impressions with unpleasant materials in your mouth; instead, a small 3-D camera is placed in your mouth and quickly glides around the tooth area. That’s all it takes.

The 3-D same-day crown or restoration process

Here’s what happens at your dental appointment:

  • Preparation – The dentist prepares the tooth by removing the area that has caries or damage.
  • Scan – The CEREC camera takes a 3-D image of the tooth and then transfers the data to a computer (you’ll be able to see the digital imagery of your teeth on the computer screen next to you!)
  • Design – The dentist designs the crown, then mills it out of a ceramic block.

All this happens in one treatment session – designing, milling and placing the crown. Best of all, the treatment is at no extra cost in comparison to conventional crowns.

Why dental crowns?

Dental crowns are popular because they can be used in so many ways to protect and enhance the appearance of a damaged tooth. For example:

Covering cracks in teeth – Your teeth can crack for any number of reasons, such as when biting forcefully into a hard object. Over time, these cracks can deepen and cause increased pain when eating. A crown covers the crack and holds it together, eliminating pain and reducing the risk of further damage.

Broken teeth – If a tooth has become broken and is capable of being fixed, a crown is usually the best option for the long-term, keeping the tooth functional and appearing normal.

Large holes or fillings – If a tooth has been badly damaged or has had several mercury fillings over the years, it may become significantly weakened. A crown is a good way of covering the damage and holding the tooth together, providing protection and strength.

Cosmetic improvements – Sometimes a crown can be used instead of veneers if there is not enough tooth left for a veneer. They can also be a good solution for badly damaged front teeth.

Missing teeth – If you have a tooth missing, you may be recommended a dental implant to take the place of the root of the tooth, followed by an abutment, then a crown to act as an artificial tooth. This new artificial tooth stops the surrounding teeth from moving into the gap, as well as remedying the appearance of a gappy smile.

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