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Dr Aran Moorthy

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Dentist & facial aesthetics practitioner – for facial rejuvenation & cosmetic enhancement procedures

PUBLISHED: 19/6/2020

Dr Monica Hernandez - Dentist & Cosmetic Injectables Practitioner

Although renowned for her excellent dental work and popularity amongst her patients at Oxford Street Dental, few know that Dr Monica Hernandez is also a facial aesthetics practitioner, providing natural-looking cosmetic injections and dermal therapies.

Dr Monica has been immersed in cosmetic injectables for several years now. Having completed extensive training, Dr Monica is passionate about aesthetic injectables – as well as dermal treatments and skincare. And, she now performs her injectable treatments here at our Leederville clinic.

After her initial introduction into cosmetic injectables several years ago, Dr Monica was acutely aware that fulfilling patients request for the odd touch of anti-wrinkle injection here or filler there wasn’t quite enough.

“Patients must be treated holistically… We need to look at the entire face – especially if we want to keep things looking natural.”

Dermal and Volumising Fillers“Patients must be treated holistically. They may think they only need their ‘crows feet’ treated, or their frown lines removed, but these procedures should never be treated in isolation. We need to look at the entire face – especially if we want to keep things looking natural.”

This ‘quick fix’ approach often doesn’t give the results a patient is anticipating. Says Monica: “Most of the time people overlook their skin quality, and if your skin is not in the best shape, simply focusing on eradicating a couple of wrinkles won’t give the results you’re after.”

As we age, subtle changes happen to our faces, changes that we may not notice even by looking in the mirror. Cheekbones no longer have a youthful-looking layer of fat, jawlines become less defined, and even our temples become bony, giving less support to our brows and eyelids.

And there are other changes – muscles atrophy, bone density changes, collagen levels decrease, and our skin holds less moisture. This is why it’s essential to see an aesthetic expert who can analyse your face and skin condition holistically, so you can achieve a more youthful appearance.

Facial rejuvenation, enhancement & treatment options

Dr Monica is keen to achieve only natural-looking results for her patients and, consequently, offers a range of injectables to suit the individual, including:

  • Volumising fillers – dermal fillers for cheekbones, jawline and brow (to accentuate, define or correct imbalances)
  • Dermal fillers – for superficial lines and wrinkles (smoothing the skin)
  • Lip fillers -to correct imbalances, or enhance lips
  • Antiwrinkle injections -for frown lines, crows feet, bunny lines, etc.
  • Mesotherapy – a series of fine injections for collagen reproduction

Dr Monica Hernandez - DentistChoose your practitioner  wisely

It’s important to remember that not all injectable practitioners are the same. We encourage everyone to seek out a practitioner who is thoroughly qualified and experienced in cosmetic treatments.

Dr Monica’s education in injectables over the last few years have been extensive, including mesotherapy training and advanced dermal filler training with Melbourne-based CPD Institute; dermal filler techniques with Associate Professor Greg Goodman (Dermatologist) and Mike Clague, Melbourne; new techniques with dermal fillers with Dr Tom Van Eik, intensive one-to-one training with Perth’s Dr Albert Ho (wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers), as well as ongoing education.

As a dentist, Dr Monica has spent years specialising in the head and neck area, performing careful, detailed procedures, making her career transition an appropriate – and smooth one. (However, many patients will be happy to know that Dr Monica is still practising dentistry and available for her usual dental consultations and treatments.)

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